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Functional Medicine and Quantum Nutrition Practitioner.

Hello Ladies, 

When I decided I wanted to have a baby 14 years later after our first.  I had no idea the challenges that I would face. I had heard stories and upon experiencing many failed attempts, miscarriage, set backs, and hopelessness as I pursued what I believe God had envisioned for me, I felt everywhere and everyone I would turn to for answers, just left me with clues and I would have discover the secret myself. So as a woman of faith, and believing the promise that was stored inside of me, I knew the answers were out there.  

This journey was years, ladies. I become the detective to my own life to discover how to conceive naturally.  I never felt it in my heart to even approach my fertility medically. I chose in the very beginning that pursuing this journey holistically was the right choice for me and that’s exactly what I did. I had to uncover foods, modalities, and other important things that would give me my dream. In order to be this detective, I went to two different health practitioner schools. From the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and School of Applied Functional Medicine, my passion has been to help women heal through natural modalities and practices, regardless of their season of life.  

Now, I'm blessed with the opportunity to help you achieve your dream of having a healthy life and getting back to feeling great again! 

Samantha Press

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